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My Fixie is finally done !!

The frame is an old Raleigh I found in England. Used to be white with some rust shining through.

It was delivered with the original track fork (painted that one too), but I kind of chickened out with a fork drilled for brakes.

This modification gives a longer wheelbase, slacker HTA and STA but keeps about the same trail as the original setup despite the road-forks longer rake. The geometry is therefore pretty much the same as my road-bike, except for the bigger stand-over height.

It's build up with a various selection of components. Some would say it's blasphemy not going full campa, but truth is. This started out as a budget project and it's gone way too far already

I reckon most of you can tell the components from the pics except for the rims. They're NISI sprint. The tire bedding is actually drilled to shave off some weight.

Also. Take notice of the narrow rear spacing. Measured with my Mitutoyo digital caliper to be 112.3mm. Not many 110mm hubs available so I re-spaced the original 120mm hub down to 111.8mm. Gave it 0.5mm slack just to make it slide in a little easier ;-)

Pics are of course clickable


Brekkestø is a small village on the southern coast of Norway, in the region known as Sørlandet. It is a part of the municipality of Lillesand, which is in the county of Aust-Agder.

The village is actually located on several rocky islands, and many of the homes built around its compact harbour are white wooden cottages with red tiled roofs, typical of the area.

Brekkestø has a reputation for being both rustic yet exclusive, and as such, it is a popular destination for summer vacationing. Brekkestø is often cited as an “idyllic pearl” of Southern Norway

Enjoy these few pics taken just outside our summer house.

Some more pics....

Finally the summer revealed it-selves with the best weather so far, so I jumped on the bike hitting for the same route as I did the day before yesterday. Managed to take a few better shots this time. Avg speed: 16.5mp/h, distance: just below 37 miles.

Sunday Ride on my CX

In what must be a typical MTB terrain

This one here doesn't look very steep, but believe me. It is. One of the few walking parts of the trip. It might be ridable with some lighter gearing than 38/28 and some sticky low inflated 2,3" tires.

Going into the Norwegian woods.....

Nice scenery :-)

A day at the Zoo & Amusement Park

Well. Two days actually. Spent with my daughter,GF and her aunt.